Where is Dinner in the Sky Baja?
For a limited time we will be in Bosque de la Ciudad, Mexicali

How I can make my reservation?
We are working in processing permits to certify the safety of our service, so we do not have dates available. We will be communicating opening date by Facebook , we invite you to add us if like us an email with your data to experiencia@dinnerintheskybaja.com , to inform him this way. At the sitting Book Now , find all the steps to make your reservation, we recommend scheduling the experience with a week in advance at least. In case you want personal attention please contact.
Section Book Now, find all the steps to make your reservation, it is suggested that the experience with a week in advance at least. In case you want personal attention please contact.

How long experience?
About 75 minutes in the Dinner in the Sky platform and 30 minutes in the lobby for your welcome, reach a maximum height of 45 meters.

What is the cost of Baja Dinner in the sky?
Prices vary by service, if dese make your private event an unforgettable moment please feel free to contact us.

Do you offer gift certificates?
Of course, use the contact form to send your request.

Can I make a private event Dinner in the Sky Baja?
Make your event memorable or special meeting, adding 45 meters high. Please contact us for details on this adventure. experiencia@dinnerintheskybaja.com or call (686) 557 4855.

Are there restrictions on height, age and weight?
For safety the minimum height for the diner is 1.50 meters, maximum weight 150 kg with his belt properly positioned. Cocktail service is exclusive to adults, it is required to provide identification.

Can I go to the bathroom during the experience?
We ask to use the restroom before the experience that lasts 75 min. If necessary descend all, the idea is that you enjoy it to the fullest. What happens if I want to suspend the experience?
You can do this at any time communicate to any member of staff and keep calm, shortly down the table for peace of mind. This goes back up to continue the experience of the other guests.

How secure is the experience?
Totally secure. Our security measures are very strict this allows us to guarantee the operation of our service. Feel free to enjoy this moment with confidence. More details on security.

For an optimal experience we recommend:
Abide by the rules and observations coordinator.
Avoid placing objects on the edge of the table, we are not responsible for dropped items.
Throwing objects from one guest to another on the table is not allowed.

Important Note:
We suggest you avoid wearing open shoes or shoes without laces on the day of the experience.
The session will always be accompanied by an outstanding safety coordinator.
For safety at dinner is prohibited admission to intoxicated persons.
We reserve service of alcohol through the experience.
If the weather conditions are adverse represent irrigation or for their safety will be rescheduled service.

If your question was not resolved, please contact us.

Security and Experience
To Dinner in the Sky Baja most important thing is safety, which is why we offer our clients a unique experience safely.

The table is designed to form to the guidelines of the German standard DIN 4112- "Fliegende Bauten" dedicated to building structures flight and named the safest in the world. The table was built in Brucella and shipped pre-assembled to the city of Mexicali, Baja California gives first

Final assembly of the structure and all lifting accessories were reviewed in accordance with the regulations of the European standard EN 13814: 2004 Stefan Kerkhos concept creator who traveled to Mexicali to verify that everything is in perfect condition, drawings, all calculations and simulations have been verified by the international organization TÜV Rheiland.

This obsession with security is one of the reasons why Dinner in the Sky successfully operating in over 40 countries.

Technical Information
Dinner in the Sky Table:
The dimensions of the table are mounted nine meters long and 5 meters wide, weighs 5 empty, with diners and food can reach 7 tonnes.

Length: 9 meters
Width: 5 meters
Weight of table: 7 tonnes (diners and food)
Angle of rotation of seats: 180 °
22 people seated
Personal at service: 5 maximum